2020 Cloud Shifting – Starting Point with Landing Zone

At 14h, June 16, 2020, the Solution Forum #65, which shall focus on Cloud Landing Zone experiences at FPT Software, will be hosted online via Microsoft Teams by the Solution and Technology Unit (STU).

Solution Forum #65 is special in that it will not be limited to FPT employees, but rather is open for all tech lovers in and outside the firm. The topic for this issue of Solution Form will be “2020 Cloud Shifting – Starting Point with Landing Zone”, continuing the Cloud series – one among the 8 major focuses of FPT Software this year.

The event will welcome speaker Le Quang Huy – Cloud Solution Architect from the Cloud CoE Unit. He had had 10 years of experience in IT, with 6 of those in designing and deploying Public Cloud for CSP (Cloud Service Providers).

According to Mr. Huy, in their M2C (Move to Cloud) journey, businesses often find it challenging to manage costs and resources, as well as ensure security standards. Therefore, it is necessary to deploy solutions for these problems.

At Solution Form, Mr. Huy will present the many akaClaud services in detail, with highlights on Cloud Landing Zone problems, which are the focus of work for Mr. Huy and his colleagues at Cloud CoE. Via the talk, listeners will have a clear insight on the importance and the distinctive benefits brought forth by landing zones, especially in the M2C problems that businesses face – which is the first step to Cloud Migration Factory.

Landing zone the very starting point of M2C, which leads to safe, quick, standardized, and stable environment deployment and design on Cloud platforms. This is also a solution that helps businesses to save resources and speed up deployment, as landing zones help to automatize environment design while ensuring safety and operational standards, as well as the ability to expand workloads on a wide range of cloud computing platforms.

AkaClaud also provides architecture frames and solutions, which satisfies multi-account, identity & access management, security, cross-cloud network design, hybrid infrastructure management, multi-cloud logging, and so on. All are ready to ensure the quickest and most convenient migration.

Interested readers can register HERE for a link to the forum. The registration portal will close at 17h, June 15, 2020

For more details, please contact PhuongQT@fsoft.com.vn, or follow the Group Workplace Solution Forum.

Quach Thanh Phuong

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