CloudLab brings a new experience for businesses using Cloud

FPT Software has built Cloud Digital Labs Services on a new framework called akaClaud, in order to help businesses optimize experience on the initial platform environment, find business cases and test Proof of Concept (PoC) on Cloud.

Cloud computing: A popular model provides users with computing resources via the Internet, helping to improve a range of areas, from production to entertainment and commune issues, and create a virtual “cloud” beyond the physical hardware with real power and capacity.

However, many challenges are facing businesses in the stage of transformation. How to prepare the optimal Cloud environment to meet the needs of businesses? How to prepare Cloud environment to meet security and management standards? How to find business cases that fit the specific problem of the business? How to experience Cloud computing early? How to understand and apply Cloud effectively?

In response, Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) of FPT Software, FWI and STU have worked with FHN, FDN and DPS to build Cloud Digital Labs Services and new framework called akaClaud (aka-C-land: Cloud Landing Zone).

Cloud Digital Lab Service.

Cloud Digital Labs Services is a service that allows customers to experience the entire process, including setting up the initial platform environment, finding business cases and testing PoC on Cloud.

Here are some service packages provided to domestic and foreign customers:

  • Provision MBI (minimum business infrastructure): Providing Cloud infrastructure for businesses;
  • Find the Business case: Providing success cases packaged as hands-on labs to customers, helping customers understand the requirements, difficulties and how to use technology to solve a specific problem;
  • Develop your own Business case: After finding a reference for a suitable business case, FPT Software helps customers develop their own business in accordance with customers’ specific needs. Our standardized processes, available templates and experienced experts enable customers to complete the desired product quickly;
  • Migrate your case to production: After building and experiencing business on MBI, FSOFT helps customers to migrate those business cases to their own production.

At the same time, Cloud Digital Labs Services accelerates product packaging to deliver products to customers as soon as possible.

The first two functions have been developed on akaClaud version 1.0 are akaClaud – Cloud MBI Onboarding: Customers can create on-demand cloud environment in just a few clicks; All necessary requirements are ready for the transformation and upgrade; Customers proactively choose and experience the initialization of environment with three popular Cloud platforms: AWS, Azure and GCP. By automating the whole process, akaClaud accelerates the process of initializing the environment (from 1 week to 20 minutes), resolves technical issues in environment, ensures security standards (CSI, GPDR, etc.), ensure administration with logging and monitoring tools, ensure network configuration, etc.

akaClaud – Cloud Digital Labs has provided 16 business cases with 25 single labs, helping customers find the cases easily, experience Cloud transformation and build customer trust. The labs are responsilbe to guide customers and audience to understand when, why, and how to perform such tasks as application migration, database migration, microservices in Cloud, IoT in Cloud, etc.

Enabling 70% of the steps in the labs helps businesses and individuals to spend just a few hours, instead of weeks or even months before, to learn about a specific business case.

With Cloud Digital Labs Services and akaClaud 1.0, the project team hopes to offer a new experience with FPT Software’s services, a new sales method (customer experience) as well as a new learning method (practical technology for FPT Software customers).

Currently, the project team is planning to develop the akaClaud version 2.0 with several superior features and business cases to support such projects as Cloud Assessment, Cloud Migration and Cloud Operation.

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