Azure Unused Elastic Load Balancers

Rule Description

Rule Code: Azure-LB-01

Identify any unused load balancers available within your Azure cloud account and delete them if no needed.

A Microsoft Azure load balancer is considered unused when it doesn't have any associated backend pool instances. The backend pool instances can be individual virtual machines or instances running within a virtual machine scale set.

Audit / Verification

Step 01: Login to the Azure Management Console. Choose the Azure subscription and navigate to All resources blade.

Step 02: Filter Load Balance in the search box. Click on the load balance that you need to check.

Step 03: Select your Load Balancer. In the navigation panel, under Settings, select Backend pools to access the backend pools created for the selected load balancer.

Step 04: Click on the name of the backend pool that you want to examine. Verify if there are no virtual machines and virtual machines scale sets listed on this page, the selected load balancer backend pool does not have any backend instances attached anymore.

Step 05: Repeat steps for each Azure load balancer available in the selected subscription.

Step 6: Repeat steps for each subscription created in your Microsoft Azure cloud account.