Cloud Alert – Runbook setup

Just like any actions, Runbook is the workflow exposed in the automation library, and can be called manually, or triggered by rules. Cloud Alert embedded Airflow to define workflow.

You can define simple sequential workflows or complex workflows with Airflow. Follow these steps to create a runbook and workflow.

Step 01: Create a Runbook

Click the [Runbook] menu and click to [Create Runbook action]

The created Runbook is displayed as below:

  • Workflow: DAG name in Aifrlow
  • Code: DAG id (Eg. dxc.core ~ core module, ~ chat module)
  • Last run: Last time the DAG runs
  • Status: Last status of DAG

Step 02: Define parameter if needed

The parameter is the way to link with each variable defined in Airflow's DAG. Each parameter has 05 fields:

  • Name (eg. account)
  • Parameter type (eg. string)
  • Parameter description (eg. service now account)
  • Default
  • Order

Step 03: Create DAG in Airflow

Step 4: Create rule with created runbook

Once you add parameters in Runbook, the rule engine automatically adds corresponding field when you created the New Rule

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