Cloud Automation – Resource Control & Scheduler

Cloud Automation provides both manual and automatic way to help you monitor and run your instances smoothly & less cost consuming. You can easily manual or schedule start, stop or reboot your instances based on hourly, daily or weekly schedules.

It also helps reduce operational costs by stopping resources that are not in use and starting resources when capacity is needed. For example, a company can use Instance Scheduler on AWS in a production environment to automatically stop instances outside of business hours every day. If you leave all of your instances running at full utilization, this solution can result in reducing the instance utilization, which will reduce overall cost based on the schedules configured.

Resource Control

Once you create and register cloud accounts successfully, it takes about 1 hours to scan and collect instances, then displaying on the dashboard. You can view the instance list by cloud accounts, region with 1 hour interval.

Instance Scheduler

The Instance Scheduler helps you control your AWS resource cost by configuring start and stop schedules for your instances as Amazon EC2, Azure VM and GCP compute instances.

From the [Instance Scheduler], click to the [Add Schedule] to create a schedule (on/off) for a instance. Select the Cloud Account, the instance and schedule period.

Eg. Configure to run instances Monday 9 am ET to Friday 5 pm ET. Since Monday and Friday are not full days, this schedule includes three periods to accommodate: Monday, Tuesday-Thursday, and Friday.