Cloud Expense – Tag policy

Using tag policies involves working with multiple AWS / Azure / GCP services. To get started, review the following pages. Then follow the workflows on this page to get familiar with tag policies and their effects.

What are tag policies?

Tag policies are a type of policy that can help you standardize tags across resources in your organization's accounts. In a tag policy, you specify tagging rules applicable to resources when they are tagged.

For example, a tag policy can specify that when the CostCenter tag is attached to a resource, it must use the case treatment and tag values that the tag policy defines.

In other words, noncompliant tagging requests on specified resource types are prevented from completing. Untagged resources or tags that aren't defined in the tag policy aren't evaluated for compliance with the tag policy.

Using tag policies for the first time

Step 1: Create a tag policy

Step 2: View the effective tag policy and evaluate the compliance status of the account.

Once you create a tag policy, it will take about 1 day to collect tag from your resource and analyze the compliance status. If you created resources with compliant and non-compliant tags, you should see the non-compliant tags in the results.

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