AWS Unused Elastic Load Balancers (Classic)

Rule Description

Rule Code: AWS-ELB-01

Identify unused Elastic Load Balancers, and consider to delete them if no needed.

By default, the ELB is consider "unused" if it isn't associated with any instances or services

Audit / Verification

Step 01: Login to the AWS Management Console.

AWS Console login

Step 02: Navigate Load Balance under Load Balancing section

Load Balancer

Step 03: Select your Elastic Load Balancer. Select the Description tab from the bottom panel.

Step 04: Search for the Status section:

Status section of Load Balancer on AWS console

Step 05: If status indicates that “0 of 0 instances in service”. It means that there are no registered backend instances and the ELB can be safely removed and repeat the process for the other regions.

In service section of Load Balancer on AWS console