Azure Buy reserved virtual machine instances to save money over pay-as-you-go costs

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Advisor reviews your virtual machine usage over the past 30 days to determine if you could save money by purchasing an Azure reservation. Advisor shows you the regions and sizes where the potential for savings is highest and the estimated savings from purchasing reservations. With Azure reservations, you can pre-purchase the base costs for your virtual machines. Discounts automatically apply to new or existing VMs that have the same size and region as your reservations


Significantly reduce costs—up to 72 percent1 compared to pay-as-you-go prices—with one-year or three-year terms on Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs). When you combine the cost savings gained from Azure RIs with the added value of the Azure Hybrid Benefit, you can save up to 80 percent2.

Lower your total cost of ownership by combining Azure Reserved Instances with pay-as-you-go prices to manage costs across predictable and variable workloads. In many cases, you can further reduce your costs with reserved instance size flexibility.

What's more, you can now improve budgeting and forecasting with a single upfront payment, making it easy to calculate your investments. Or, lower your upfront cash outflow with monthly payment options at no additional cost.