Azure Unprovisioned ExpressRoute circuits

Rule Description

Rule Code: Azure-EXPRESS-02

Identify the Azure ExpressRoute circuits that have been in the provider status of Not provisioned for more than one month.

It recommends deleting the circuit if you aren't planning to provision the circuit with your connectivity provider.

Audit / Verification

To determine if you have any idle Unprovisioned ExpressRoute circuits, perform the following operations:

Step 1: Sign in to AzuSign in to the AWS Management Console. Choose the Azure subscription and navigate to All resources blade.

Step 2: From the Type filter box, select ExpressRoute circuit. Click on the name of the ExpressRoute circuit that you want to examine. Select Overview to access the configuration details

Step 3: Verify to check check the Provider status attribute, and verify to make sure that IP is not being provisioned status.

If the ExpressRoute circuit is not used anymore, the resource can be safely removed from the selected subscription.

Step 4: Repeat steps for each ExpressRoute circuits available in the selected Azure subscription.

Step 5: Repeat steps for each subscription created within your Microsoft Azure cloud account.