FPT CloudSuite wins Globee® Awards

Last week, FPT Software received three Globee® Awards in the 17th Annual 2022 Information Technology World Awards® (IT World Awards®). This is the second consecutive year for the company to be honored in this global award program for innovative information technology and cyber security providers.

This year, FPT Software was recognized for the outstanding performance of akaATFPT CloudSuite and Usee. These winning nominations are part of the company’s highlighted digital solutions for optimizing operations across different business processes, helping companies quickly adapt to the digital era.


FPT Software’s akaAT, FPT CloudSuite and Usee won the 17th Annual 2022 Information Technology World Awards®

Receiving the Gold Globee® Award for Software Test Automation, akaAT is an all-in-one automation testing solution that helps speed up testing processes, thereby increasing productivity and minimizing time to market, while ensuring the accuracy of the outcomes.

Named Silver Globee® Winner for Cloud Computing/SaaS, FPT CloudSuite is a comprehensive product suite for operating and optimizing multi-cloud environments, enabling agility, reducing pitfalls and improving service quality.

Built on data-driven analysis, FPT Software’s Usee, is an end-to-end solution that delivers highly accurate forecasts of crucial business metrics to enhance sales and operation process, supply chain management and customer experience. Usee received Bronze Globee® Award for Business Intelligence and Analytics.

akaAT, FPT CloudSuite and Usee are among the winning nominations selected by the judges of more than 170 industry experts worldwide. These outstanding solutions, products and services are believed to set the bar higher for others in all areas of technology and cyber security, especially in the post-pandemic future. “The information technology industry has always been and will continue to be robust and innovative,” said San Madan, co-President of Globee Awards – the organizer of IT World Awards®. “Though the pandemic has changed the way people live, work, shop, and socialize, there is optimistic demand for newer technologies and innovations everywhere.”

Setting its goal to be among the top 50 world-class information technology companies by 2030, FPT Software has been actively upscaling its core advanced technologies such as AI, Cloud, Hyper-automation, Blockchain, and so on, with a growth strategy based on data-driven operations, a customer-centric motto, and breakthrough technology solutions. The company thrives on accommodating its customers with comprehensive digital transformation solutions, combining different technologies to enhance business management, administration, and most importantly, customer services at every touchpoint.



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