GCP Unused Load Balancer

Rule Description

Rule Code: GCP-LB-01

Identify any unused load balancers available within your GCP project and delete them if no needed.

A GCP load balancer is considered unused when it doesn't have any associated backend pool instances. The backend pool instances can be individual virtual machines or instances running within a backend bucket.

Audit / Verification

To determine if you have any unused Load Balancer, perform the following operations:

Step 01: Sign in to GCP Management Portal. Select the GCP Project that you need to examine. Select your Load Balancer

Step 02: In the navigation panel, under Backend, verify if there are no backend bucket, then the selected load balancer backend pool does not have any backend instances attached anymore.

Step 05: Repeat steps for each GCP load balancer available in the selected project.

Step 6: Repeat steps for each project created in your GCP cloud account.