CloudSuite release CloudLab version 1.1 & Cloud Operation & Security Assurance first version

CloudLab new version adds a lot of Best Practice on Cloud Migration that is expected to be a powerful tool for customers, Sales team and Presales during the sales process. In addition, two outstanding features are Cloud Operation and Security Assurance that allow users to support management, operation and security standards in a Multi-Cloud environment.

Recently, the akaClaud toolkit has released new changes in the 1.1 upgrade. Accordingly, akaClaud 1.1 has added from 25 to 49 Reference Solutions and Training Labs, with a series of features such as Cloud Operation – Resource Management, Security Assurance to support Multi-Cloud environment. Also in akaClaud 1.1, the development team added Asset Management and Security Compliance tools on Muiti-Cloud environment, supporting all 3 largest Public Cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and GCP.

Specifically, the Resource Management feature allows customers to centrally manage resources for multiple accounts (AWS / Azure / GCP) on a single system. The system currently supports managing more than 500 metrics and more than 100 types of resources on Cloud. At the same time, Cloud Operation allows easy integration with other systems such as Monitoring or Incident Management systems. This is one of the essential tools for every business to operate in the Cloud environment. It not only helps customers in the process of operation, increasing efficiency but also optimizing costs when converting to Cloud environment.

Security Assurance feature is an effective support tool for customers in monitoring compliance with strict security standards in the world such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, etc. This feature allows customers to ensure effective management and application security in the Cloud environment.

The representative of akaClaud development team, Mr. Le Quang Huy (CDTO.HO) said: “We hope that with the current upgrade, akaClaud will be a highlight in Cloud Professional Service of FPT Software, contributing to supporting the sales department in the process of approaching the Cloud project”.

It is expected that akaClaud will release version 1.2 by the end of the year with useful features such as Cost Management & Optimization, Minimum Business Infrastructure Provisioning, Container Management and some other features.

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