AWS Reserved Instance Lease Expiration In The Next 30 Days

Rule Description

Rule Code: AWS-RI-01

Ensure that your AWS EC2 Reserved Instances are renewed when your RIs are about to expire.

Instances are never shut down or terminated because an Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance (RI) expires.

However, when an RI expires, you might notice a change in the pricing of one or more of your instances. This is because any instances that were covered by the RI pricing benefit are now billed at the on-demand price.


Step 01: Sign in to the AWS Management Console.

AWS Console login

Step 02: Navigate to EC2 dashboard, under INSTANCES section, choose Reserved Instances. Clicking the configuration icon to open the dashboard Show/Hide Columns, record the expired data.

Step 03: Select the Reserved Instance (RI) that you need to check and verify for any value listed for the selected instance in the Expires column, sooner than 30 days.

Step 04: Repeat step no. 3 to determine the expiration date for other EC2 Reserved Instances available in the current region.

Step 05: Switch to the other AWS regions and follow the same above audit process.