Cloud shifting trend to bring myriad opportunities

The recent Solution Forum #63 on “2020 Cloud Shifting Trend – Enterprise Journey” had been successfully hosted with plenty of positive feedbacks. In this article, let’s recount the highlights presented at the forum.

This Solution Forum on Cloud was hosted on 23/04/2020 via Microsoft Teams, and had attracted 181 registrations, 168 online audiences, with 54 questions made towards the speakers. The forum also welcomed 2 speakers: Mr. Truong Cong Dai – Solutions Architect from AWS, and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son – Solutions Architect from FPT Software. These are both experienced people in Cloud, having tackled various projects and customers over the world.

During over 2 hours of the forum, the speakers had discussed security on Cloud, notable Cloud trends in 2020, and the Cloud CoE Program from FPT Software.

In his speech, Mr. Truong Cong Dai had mentioned the “5 pillars” of AWS Well-Architected, particularly: Operational excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance efficiency, and Cost optimization. This is a framework derived from years of practical experience, before reaching a completed structure for users while on cloud. He also shared: “Well-Architeched Framework will help build systems faster, while lowering risks of losing data when attacked/malfunctioned, as well as improve operational procedures.”

He also mentioned the safety risks of Cloud, as well as other security services from AWS. One of those is the Multi-account model, which provides more efficient account management, and is beneficial for developers in testing and ensuring security throughout the organization.

Most attenders were very excited and highly regard the sharing from Mr. Truong Cong Dai. During his session, 22 questions had been made. Due to the limited time, however, the speaker cannot answer all of these immediately. Instead, inquiries had been received, and shall be answered via the Solution Forum’s Workplace.

On the other hand, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son – Solutions Architect from FPT Software, had identified these 7 most important Cloud trends in 2020: Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Strategy, Second Wave of Cloud Migration, Kubernetes and Microservices, Integration & APIfication, Security & Compliance, Advanced Analytics Platform, Domain-focus Cloud Platform.

With 10 years of experience in large markets like Europe, America, Japan, and 5 years of Cloud researching, Mr. Son was also honored as a Top FPT Tech Expert in 2016, and Top FPT Under 35 in 2017. He shared: “The diversifying Cloud trends will bring opportunities to companies like FPT Software, as once there are success cases, the market demand will be enormous.”

Regarding the growth of the market, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son said: Costs for Professional Cloud will surpass 100 billion USD, and FPT Software’s value can surpass 100 million USD in 2020. It is hard to compete internationally in resources, technologies, and equipment, and therefore the current boom is a rare opportunity for breakthroughs.

FPT Software Cloud CoE stand outs partly due to its application of a military model to build a open organization for Cloud CoE, with commanders, weapons, partners, strategic units… When asked about FPT Software’s ability in comparison to other units, Mr. Son affirmed: “We cannot compare the Cloud deployment units as they all have separate strengths. However, FPT Software is leading in the number of projects in Vietnam, in top 2-3 in Asia-Pacific. Regarding services, FPT Software is now experienced enough from various assessment, native app, managed service, security… project. So we are confident we can make it.”

At the end of the event, an attender had shared: “This form of organization is pretty interesting. At first, I thought Solution Forum will be like an online meeting, yet it is surprisingly easy to interact and inquire, as if there is no space between the audience and speakers.” Another said: “I think the Q&A session should be longer, as the need for interaction and learning from the speakers is important.”

Solution Forum is an esteemed technology forum, and since 2015, there have been 62 topics with various famous speakers from technology companies in Vietnam. Solution Forum #64 on customer experience – “Bringing Life to Digital Products” will be hosted on the upcoming May 20. This time, the event will welcome Mr. Jonathan Deragon – UI/UX Director, FPT Software. For more details and registration, please contact:

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