Azure Underutilized MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL servers

Rule Description

Rule Code: Azure-DB-01

Identify MariaDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database server resources have been underutilized for an extended time over the past 7 days.

By default, an database instance is considered underutilized when meets the following criteria:

  • The average CPU & IO utilization has been less than 30% for the last 7 days.
  • The average CPU & IO utilization has been more than 5% for the last 7 days.

To reduce your costs and efficiently manage your resources, we recommend that you reduce the compute size (vCores) by half.

Audit / Verification

Step 01: Sign in to the Azure Management Portal. Choose the Azure subscription and navigate to All resources blade.

Step 02: Filter Database in the search box. Click on the database that you need to check.

Step 03: In the navigation panel, under Resource utilization , select CPU percent to view CPU metric of the selected Azure Database.

Double click to the graph and add IO chart to view IO utilization to verify IO utilization

Step 4: Repeat steps for each database available in the selected Azure subscription.

Step 5: Repeat steps for each subscription created within your Microsoft Azure cloud account.