Create a IBM cloud credential

IBM Cloud offers a wide set of cloud computing services including compute, storage, database, networking, and more. It is deployed in data centers across the world and its services can scale to meet the needs of small development teams as well as large-scale enterprises. CloudSuite integrates with IBM Cloud to offer virtual machine provisioning, brownfield discovery, and lifecycle management.

To create IBM cloud credential, we need to setup and collect the following information:

IBM credential parameter:

  • Account Name: A friendly name for the cloud inegration
  • Username: Enter “apikey” (Do not enter your IBM Cloud username or anything other than “apikey”)
  • API Key: The API key value
  • Data Center: Select the IBM Cloud data center
  • Object store: If desired and if any are found, select an object store

It’s recommended that you integrate CloudSuite using an IBM Cloud viewer account to ensure processing only those privileges which are essentially vital to perform its intended functions.

To setup Cloud Account for CloudSuite:

  • Go [Cloud Identity] - [Cloud Account]
  • Select IBM Cloud & Apps

Account Username & API Key

Connecting an IBM cloud account with CloudSuite is a simple process requiring only an API key. You can create an API key from the IBM Cloud web console if you don’t currently have access to one. Integrating with CloudSuite requires a user API key. If needed, create one by clicking “Manage” in the upper menu bar of the IBM Cloud web console and clicking “Access (IAM)”. Select “Users” from the left navigation menu and click on the desired user. Create a new API Key from within the API Keys section and store the API Key in a secure place to retrieve in the next step.

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