Getting start with CloudSuite One

This article gives you the quick guideline to use CloudSuite One for the first time you access to the system.

CloudSuite is framework, best practices and accelerator for Cloud journey. It provides self-service utilities to help you operate and optimize your multi-cloud environment. It offers Access and Authorization to the cell level of an organization as well as Resource, Cost, Security transparency and visibility.

To get started with CloudSuite One:

1. Set up user identity and organization (refer user, cost center, business unit)

2. Set up your cloud credential (refer identity - cloud account)

3. Register cloud credential with Identity

4. Get visibility with Cost

5. Get visibility with Security

Key Features:

User Identity & Organization management

  • Cloud Account
  • User Management
  • Business Unit, Cost Center
  • Role Management
  • Azure AD integration (SSO/SAML)


  • Display total resource change
  • Show top 5 resource change
  • Top 5 cost consuming services
  • Cost breakdown by vendors
  • Daily cost trending
  • Security compliance by resource
  • Standard compliance statistics

Resource Inventory

  • Cloud Asset Visibility
  • Centralized Asset Inventory: manage 100+ assets & resources of AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Configuration Drift Detection (resource change)
  • Resource search by texts, regions, tagging
  • Resource view by detail

Billing and Cost Management, Optimization

Security Compliance

  • Audit cloud services configuration
  • Build-in compliances for industry security assessment (10+)
  • Built-in security policies (450+)
  • Security compliance visibility by inventory, compliance, violated resource
  • Analysis and Reporting

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